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KForce Bad Breath Treatment
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What Is Morning Breath

KForce Starter Kit Stops Morning Breath

Morning Breath is that horrible bad taste or smell you wake with. You may notice the smell on yourself or your partner. It is also obvious after any extended period of sleep, it doesn't have to only be in the morning, but can be any time of the day after an extended sleep.

If you drink alcohol before sleep, or if you snack and do not clean your mouth before sleep. Then you will notice a much increased morning breath problem when you wake. Below I will explain why Morning Breath happens and the KForce Kit we have developed to treat it virtually instantly. This treatment is used every day at our clinic in Australia with amazing results.

The Three Main Reasons for Morning Breath
1. Your saliva flow slows down or can even stop

This means that there is less removal of bacteria, less oxygen in the mouth, and less tongue movement. These are all signals to anaerobic (non oxygen) bacteria to begin breeding. During the course of one night's sleep you can manufacture two or more generations of new bacteria. These bacteria will eat the proteins in coatings found on the tongue, gums and the mouth in general and release their waste products, called Volatile Sulphur Compounds.

2. Mucous in the Nasal Area Thickens
Due to the lack of saliva while you sleep, the mucus you produce can stick (quite tenaciously) to the back of the throat just behind the gag reflex. This area is very difficult to clean. This mucus is high in protein and the bacteria that grow inside the mucous use it as a food source, making lots of Volatile Sulphur Compounds (the smells of Morning Breath)

3. Your Tongue Falls to the Back of the Throat
When you sleep the tongue relaxes in the mouth and falls to the back of the throat. This action allows the tongue to be colonised by the bacteria growing in the throat mucus. That is why when you wake in the morning, you not only have a bad or sour taste and breath, but you can also exhibit a coating on your tongue. This coating can be yellow or white depending on its severity and the amount of sulphur contained.

How To Stop Morning Breath
I am always hearing stories of how Morning Breath is ruining marriages, and in some instances is worse than having bad breath during the day. Patients tell me that they are afraid to be intimate with their partners as they fear offending them. They often wake and race off to the bathroom to clean away the offensive smells. So if you wake with a taste in your mouth, then you can pretty well guarantee that you also have an offensive smell coming from you as well. This is a shame because of all the types of Bad Breath you can have, Morning Breath is the easiest to treat.

Our KForce Starter Stops Morning Breath Fast
Morning Breath can be stopped very quickly. The amount of morning breath you have is directly related to the amount of bacteria left on your tongue the night before. So BreezeCare developed at kit to clean all the known areas where bacteria like to hide at night. It includes nasal flush for the throat mucus, non-foaming gels and pastes to clean your teeth and tongue, and a powerful knockdown rinse to stop the bacteria from growing during the night. We called this kit the KFORCE STARTER KIT.

What is in the KForce Starter
It is a collection of our clinic strength formulations that will clean away the biofilms where the Morning Breath Bacteria like to live. This treatment also includes our 5Day Detox and small Hypertonic Nasal Flush to ensure you also are able to clean away stubborn throat mucous that builds during the night while you sleep. The ingredients in this kit are described below. These are concentrated and the treatment will last 32 Days.

KForce Tongue Gel
This is a unique non-foaming gel that you use every day to clean your tongue. I recommend applying it with an Orabrush or Tongue Cleaner. This gel has ingredients such as Propolis to promote mouth health, Zinc Gluconate to remove volatile sulphur compounds and Xylitol which is an antibacterial artificial sweetener to ensure a clean healthy tongue. Because it is non-foaming and concentrated, you can clean to the back of the tongue without gagging.

KForce Toothpaste
The KForce Toothpaste is the next step in the cleaning protocol. KForce Toothpaste not only contains cleaning agents but also whitening and desensitising agents. This is because our research shows that oxygenation of the mouth not only inhibits bad breath bacteria growth, but also whitens teeth as a side effect. The toothpaste is also very effective at cleaning under the gums when you use floss to go between the teeth and carry it down into the gingival crevice.

KForce Balance Rinse
There are two sets of KForce Balance Rinse in the kit. The first set is used as a 5Day Detox rinse, to remove the bacteria that cause Morning Breath. The second set is used twice a week to help stop the return of the Morning Breath Bacteria in the mouth.There are 10 doses of mouthwash in every set which is more than enough for a full month's treatment.

Sinoclear Nasal Flush
This is a hypertonic nasal flush used to remove stubborn throat mucus that is caught behind the gag reflex when you sleep and breaks down to Dimethyl Sulphide (a Volatile Sulphur Compound). We include a small spray that is sufficient for the average user. However if you have any throat or nasal issues we recommend also including the Pressure Pack Spray.

Dr Speiser Recommends
Most cases of bad breath come from multiple sources such as the tongue, teeth, gums and throat. Because of this to effectively treat bad breath you should use a suite of products rather than relying on a hero product only. We test patients every day at our Australian Breath Clinic in Sydney and we have found that the core products listed below in the Bad Breath Mini are very good in stopping bad breath and also are very affordable.

Our treatment involves using an alkaline mouthwash for five days to detox and remove the bad breath bacteria. We follow this ongoing with our non foaming toothpaste used morning and night to clean the tongue and teeth and gums. We also include a Free Bonus Soniclean Toothbrush. Try the Bad Breath Mini below and be pleasantly surprised.

Bad Breath Mini

Treats Mouth Halitosis

Bad Breath Tick KForce 5 Day Detox
Bad Breath Tick KForce Toothpaste
Bad Breath Tick KForce Xylitol Boosters
Bad Breath Tick KForce Soniclean Brush
Bad Breath Tick KForce Travel Bag

Bad Breath Mini contains all necessary core products to treat bad breath. Use the 5 Day Detox to rid your mouth of bad breath bacteria, then continue with the KForce Toothpaste to clean your tongue and teeth. Finally use the KForce Xylitol Boosters to stay fresh through the day. Also includes a Free Bonus KForce Soniclean Brush.

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